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How Can Art Be Used For A Cause?

Posted by on Oct 23, 2015

For the longest time, art and artists were valued because the art’s ability to change the world – as athletes were valued for their own physical abilities.  Ever since the first art pieces were created we have had the chance and the privilege to learn about the time when they have been created and to discover the cause why they have been created.

In fact, there is more it than just one way in which art can be used to support a cause and to try to make a change in the world.  Here are just some of the ways in which art can be used to support social cause and make a change.

  1. Selling Art

The first thing which comes to everyone’s mind is of course selling pieces of art at options and giving the money to charity.  This is perhaps one of the most transparent ways in which it can be clearly seen that art can make a social change.  When of art is used for social causes, it is often sold to people who collect art and enjoy art, and in return the money is used to help to support a cause. People who are financially blessed, often delight in the art pieces and artwork, but also that they often just want to help and support of cause, too. And sometimes the art can be pretty strange for these types – think luxury rowing machines meets Andy Warhol.

2. Pointing Out To Social Problems

Another way in which art and artists can change the society, is that they can point out and highlight the social problems.  Through history artists have been pointing out two problems and diseases in the society they have been living in.  Of course, not all pieces of art had been made with the intention to awake the sleeping society and open its eyes in order to see the problems.  However, more often than not artists have been those who have pointed out to key problems in a society.

  1. Leaving A Legacy

Artists often want to leave a legacy through their art.  Furthermore, they are often motivated with documenting the present the reality, and leaving a legacy four future generations.  Had they are not been for art and artists we wouldn’t have known much about history, and the things which have occurred in the past.  For centuries art managed to shed a completely new light on history which is often wrote under strong political influences, and therefore easily manipulated.  On the other hand, art has always been a way for artists to freely express their opinion and give a comment on the social issues.

4. Freedom Of Opinion In Oppressed Regimes

This is especially true for art created in the oppressed regimes. People have the need to express their opinions, their creativity, their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Often when they are not able to do such things with the support from the current, present-day regime, they do so covertly and use a form of art to express their true feelings and opinions of the regime. It has not been rare that these artists were even executed in the dark times of human history. Therefore, yes, art can very much be used for a cause, just make sure you use it for a good cause, too.


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